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Jun 10

e-Patient Connections 2011 - the must attend health communication and marketing event is only months away - and we’re reminiscent of last year’s event.  One of the many highlights from 2010 was hearing from Text4Baby: an interactive mobile health platform working together with the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition, the CDC, and a host of other partners. This public-private partnership is taking a real run at lowering infant mortality rates.


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Text4Baby is founded on the idea that a broader audience can be reached by text message (90% of Americans have mobile phones) than over the internet or by other traditional means of providing information about health.  At the time that this video was recorded, over 75,000 moms were signed up for the service.

Signing up for the Text4Baby service is easy. Expectant or new moms just need to input their due date (or child’s birth date), cell phone number and zip code and they will receive 3 messages per week throughout pregnancy and for the first year of the baby’s life.

Messages are targeted to the stage of pregnancy so that they are relevant to what each mom is experiencing. And it doesn’t stop there - messages about many related health issues are included, such as about immunizations, drug and alcohol use, and mental health.

Over the course of the service (21 months from start to finish), a mom will be reached 256 times with helpful and targeted information.


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