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Aug 04

e-Patient Connections 2011 is less than 60 days away. Register now and guarantee that you won’t miss the latest in connecting with empowered patients and digital health consumers everywhere. In addition to sharing best practices across industries, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Get coaching on the latest social media platforms
  • Meet with a master networker who can connect you with someone to help with your initiative
  • Grab lunch with one of the featured speakers
  • Create a social media crisis plan before your organization needs it
  • Hear from patient opinion leaders ready to answer your questions and tell you what they think
  • Meet the founders of the Digital Health Coalition that is working to tackle regulatory issues in mobile, social, and search


At the 2010 conference, we heard from Craig Lipset of Pfizer, who told his own personal story of being diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis and subsequently reaching the conclusion that he was an empowered patient.

He goes on answer the question “what happens when the informed and engaged patient comes up against the blinded, randomized clinical trial?”

Craig Lipset: e-Patients and Clinical Trials (15 minutes)


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Craig talks about the questions that come up within R&D, such as whether or not e-Patients actually exist, and whether or not they can be detrimental to clinical trials by sharing information with each other.

Then he explains that even though there are barriers to innovation in clinical trials (regulations), there are two things that can be done to bring e-patients and clinical trials together right now:

  • Make clinical trials more patient-centric by using technologies that could enable more people to participate via mobile or from home.
  • Make clinical trials more participatory by sharing clinical learning and results back with the patients.

Pfizer is moving in this direction - and we’re looking forward to hearing how it goes.