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Feb 04

The health-related terms that people type into search engines can provide great insights into what health topics people are curious about, what they’re worried about, and how they’re educating themselves.

And really, who would have guessed the phrase “Where is my liver?” is one of the top 10 searches starting with the words “where is”?


What Search Activity Tells Us About Health, Heather Dougherty (15 minutes)
Watch the video and please visit our video sponsor, Klick Pharma.

Heather Dougherty of Hitwise, an online data analytics firm, shares information and insights into the online landscape, drug recalls, and consumer behavior.

She talks about top search terms, spikes in search activity and what they mean, as well as where people are looking for information - e.g., 40% are looking at large information websites such as WebMD.

Heather concludes with 3 key takeaways:

  • Internet is prevalent in everyone’s everyday life - consumers are searching to self-diagnose and get second opinions
  • The e-trail we leave behind is rich with potential insights
  • Beware the narrative fallacy

Watch the whole video for details.

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